Factors in favor of Indo-Pak-Bangladesh reunification

1.   People of Pakistan are fed up with

o    The internal threats like their helpless Govt. before the terrorists

o    Weak economic condition of the country

o    International isolations

o    Violation of  fundamental  human  rights

o    Demand of  Independence by some of the states

o    Economic shock  due to  natural  calamities

o    Fear of  increasing  terrorist activities  and many other social upheavals.


They may be interested for reunification to get rid of all those problems and enjoy peaceful life in a bigger country.

2.   Both India & Pakistan are loaded with Nuclear weapons (about 100 -120 weapons in each side) and waiting for the exigent situation to use Nuclear weapons. If at any time war situation threatens , the weaker side will definitely use nuclear weapons violating the principle of  balance of power unscrupulously. Pakistan had lost four wars against India (1947 ,1965 ,1971 & 1999) but in subsequent wars neither  of them may like to lose. War knows no Laws. So Nuclear War will be inevitable for them and that will severely devastate both the countries.

3.   There are some small countries in the world who have no Defence Force at all , because they have no enmity with other countries as they maintain good relationship rather than enmity.

Countries with no standing Army but with limited Military Force.

 Haiti , Ice Land , Mauritius , Monaco , Panama , Vanuatu.  

Countries with absolutely no Military Force.

  Andora ,   Costarica ,  Dominica ,  Grenada ,  Kiribati ,  Leichten-stein ,    Nauru , Marshall Islands , Federal States of Micronessia ,  Palau ,  Saint  Lucia , Samoa ,  Salomon Islands , Vatican City , Tuvalu ,  Saint  Vincent & Grendines. In this situation , people may favour reunification to save the nation &  bring  peace & stability.

4.   The examples of Hiroshima & Nagasaki of Japan which were devastated by only two less powerful atom bombs on 6th & 9th of Aug, 1945 during World War – II , always reminds the people of the entire world not to use Nuclear weapons in wars. Indians & Pakistanis may be influenced in favour of reunification to avoid Nuclear wars.

5.   Post World War – II situation forced Japan to reduce the defence budget , rather maximum budget was allocated for nation building. This was the reason behind Japan becoming an economic super power This type of policy of Japan may influence Indians & Pakistanis to avoid war and opt for reunification.

6.   The greatest unification of North & South America as United States of America in 1783

·         The historic unification of multiple countries to form modern Italy in 1861

·         The eye opener North & South Vietnam’s in 1975

·         The exemplary unification of East German & West German in1990

·         The interesting reunification of North & South Yemen into Republic of Yemen

·         The potential future unification agreement of North Korea & South Korea in 2000

·         The ongoing unification talks between Greek & Turkish to form Cyprus may influence Indians, Pakistanis & Bangladeshis in favour of reunification.

7.    India, Pakistan & Bangladesh people are attached emotionally, culturally and spiritually. India has emotional attachment and blood relation with Bangladesh which  is also obliged to India on the issue of its creation and as a neighboring country. It is more dependent on India in many  The reunification proposal if offered by  India may influence the people  of  Pakistan & Bangladesh.

8.    The people of India , Pakistan & Bangladesh have already understood the selfish British policy and their ill intention to divide India and create misunderstanding on the issue of religion. People have struggled a lot for peace and security during last 70 years after independence and may realise that the only solution to get rid of these problems , is reunification.

9.    The threatening of natural calamities always rings the bell to get united and fight against it. But we remain busy threatening one another and  invite  devastation and nuclear war. Reunification is a better option here.

10.   There are numerous examples in our society where the  family of two brothers  get separated out of so many reasons. They remain in separate houses , very  often quarrel and fight with each other , take the shelter of courts over many silly matters. But even after pretty long separation when the previous relationship attracts them and they realize the importance of unity , they get united over very small emotional issues. Those reunification scenes are very  heart touching. Why such moments will not come in case of Indians , Pakistanis & Bangladeshis ?


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