1. The current socio-economic and political scenario of the entire world , ravaged by

  • abuse of science and technology

  • fear of multifaceted terrorism

  • threat of possible nuclear war

  • production of horrendous weapons for mass destruction

  • conflicts caused by castes , creeds , religions , languages

  • miseries caused by increasing disparity between rich and poor has called upon the entire human society to search for perceptual and permanent peace , prosperity , justice and harmony in this peaceless world. The traditional concept of security through military defence is a total illusion both for the present and for the future.

  1. A conducive atmosphere of peace and stability needs to be created where the safety and prosperity of every human being should be concern of all. Unity and oneness of the entire mankind is the absolute need of the hour despite the existence of diversities and the total resources of the world should be utilized for human welfare The basic human rights and responsibilities shall be shared by all without any discrimination. At this juncture of global unrest , the Global Peace Foundation based at Jajpur , Odisha , India advocates for

  • the federal , democratic and secular Global Government

  • which can be a cosmopolitan political authority with legitimate legislative , executive , judiciary and military jurisdiction for the entire world in accordance with its constitution that will be to establish peace , prosperity and stability in this world.

  1. The Global Peace Foundation absolutely believes that the formation of Global Govt. would

  • eradicate terrorism

  • secure disarmament

  • prevent wars including nuclear wars

  • resolve territorial disputes

  • protect universal human rights

  • obtain economic and social development

  • protect global environment

  • regulate global trade-tourism-transportation-currency and other resources

  • prevent and reduce diseases-poverty-illiteracy and make the world safe , healthy and happy home for the mankind.

  1. In this context , the UNO plays an advisory role only in various crisis situation. It has got no global administrative authority which the Global Government only can exercise.

The Global Peace Foundation is committed to work for the great cause of formation of Global Government , a democratic federal

           administrative body not only for perpetual  peace but also for  permanent happiness and prosperity of the mankind as a whole.


The global government shall be formed as an universal federation in a secular and democratic form to include all nations and all people of the world encompassing all lands , sky and water resources. A workable constitution with declaration of right , authority and duty acceptable to all the nations need to be drafted.

The major organs of the Global Government may include-

  1. Global Parliament system.

  2. Global Administrative system.

  3. Global Executive system.

  4. Global Judiciary system.

  5. Global Enforcement system.

  6. Global Defence system.

  7. Global Finance system.  


The global government should be a federal , democratic and secular form of government which shall function and exercise its powers through its various wings.

  1. Settlement of international territorial disputes and other conflicts/issues which are beyond the control of those nations.

  2. To safeguard the global environment and ecological status from damage out of all possible sources for the purpose of keeping the earth safe , healthy and happy home for the entire mankind.

  3. Universalisation , equalisation and protection of human rights , liberty , security , secularity , democracy and equal opportunity for all human beings of the world.

  4. Eradication of terrorism from the entire world , as terrorism is the greatest enemy to the peace and prosperity of the mankind.

  5. Abolition of passport , visa and immigration systems to allow free international movement to all people of the world.

  6. Enforcement of equitable economic and social development of the people of the world to diminish social difference.

  7. Prohibition and elimination of manufacture , sale , purchase , test , use and possession of nuclear weapons for mass destruction along with enforcement of disarmament and rearmament in all the nations of the world.

  8. Framing rules , regulations and procedures for the election of Global Parliament and appointment of executives for its various operating wings.

  9. Formation of Global Judiciary system with guidelines and limitations as approved by the Global Parliament.

  10. Establishment of universal uniform standards for currency , accounting , weights and measurements , banking , finance , insurance and investment

  11. Global assistance in the events of large scale natural calamities and disasters.

  12. Improvement in the standard of health , education , agriculture , housing , nutrition , drugs control , environmental condition , economic growth and other conditions as needed for the all round development of the global population.

  13. Framing universal regulations and supervision of policies regarding migration of people , transport , communication , trade , tourism , industry , professional services , labour supply etc.

  14. To eliminate barriers on universal trade and

  15. To raise revenue and funds for carrying out various activities of the Global Government.

  16. Conservation of natural resources , common heritages of the world and protection of environment for the benefit of the present and future generation.

  17. Control of global population and population distribution in relation to the life support capacity of the world.

  18. Protection and conservation of ground and underground water resources along with sea beaches for the future benefit of the mankind.

  19. Prevention of global warming , pollution of air and atmosphere for safeguarding the future of the mankind.

  20. Maxmising the development of science and technology along with acceleration of space programmes can be achieved globally by the global government.

  21. The global government will not interference in the governance system of any national governments of the world.


The ultimate aims and objectives of the Global Government are to establish peace , prosperity and stability in the entire world.

  1. Global government will function as the supreme power of the world for the welfare of the entire mankind as a whole.

  2. The global government can exercise its authority for the settlement of national and international boundary disputes and other conflicts which are beyond the controls of those nations.

  3. Prohibition of manufacture , sale , purchase , test , use and possession of nuclear weapons used for mass destruction along with prevention of armed conflicts and wars can be possible only by the Global Government with the help of Global Defence System.

  4. The Global Judiciary system will be the highest judiciary body of entire world to solve various types of national or international disputes , conflicts and issues.

  5. The Global Government will be able to provide sufficient global assistance in the events of large scale national disasters and calamities.

  6. The Global government will be able to establish universal standard policies for all the people of the world regarding common currency , accounting , weight and measurement ,migration of people , transport , trade , tourism ,communication , industries , professional services , labour supplies , finance , banking , insurance and investment , etc.

  7. The passport , visa and immigration system along with tariffs and trade barriers can be abolished by the global government only to allow free international travel to all the people of the world as if the entire world is one country.

  8. The global government can eradicate terrorism forcefully from the entire world as because they will not be allowed to get shelter in any country of the world.

  9. The security , secularity , democracy , liberty , human rights and equal opportunity for all the human beings of the world can be protected by the global government..

  10. The standard of health and education systems , agriculture , housing , nutrition , drugs control , economic and environmental condition of the world will reach a greater height with the support of the Global Government.

  11. Global population control and population distribution in relation to the life support capacity of world can be achieved better by the Global Government.

  12. Ground and underground water resources , sea beaches , natural resources and common heritages of the world can be protected , conserved and well managed by the global government.

  13. Pollution of air and atmosphere can be prevented to the maximum by the Global Government.

  14. Development of science and technology along with acceleration of space programmes can be achieved maximum by the global government.



The globalization of terrorism in the present world scenario is a constant risk to the entire mankind. This creates an obstacle in the path of global government formation.


The cancer of corruption throughout the world has spread its tentacles which creates a psychological block for the global government formation. 


All the countries are not equally gifted with natural resources. Countries having rich natural resources do not pave the way for global government formation.


Some countries in the world by their very geographical location are subjected to frequent natural disasters put hindrances on the way of global government formation. 


The premedieval urge for power and prosperity of few nations and few individuals create social and psychological blockage for the global government formation.


Religious fanaticism , dogmatic ideology and faulty doctrine are  great enemies for the global government formation.


Communal disharmony and vested interest based on sectarian lines has been another detrimental factor for the global government formation. 


Productionpossession, purchase, sale , test and use of nuclear weapons have been significantly instrumental in preventing global government formation.


Inequality and large scale gap between the poor and rich has been another obstacle for the global  government  formation.



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