The History 

70 years ago , the British rulers divided India ( The then Bharat ) with malafide intension  on the plea of allowing independence to the people of both the countries. It was divided into two parts on the basis of religion and grouped along geographical  lines with creation of predominately Hindu Union of India and Muslim Majority Dominion of Pakistan. Land , water and sky were demarcated. The people of pre-independent India were fighting with British rulers for the sake of independence. But they had never dreamt of division of their beloved mother land  on the basis of religion without taking their opinions into consideration. That was the greatest shock , surprise and emotional horror and disorientation for  the innocent people of undivided India. Immediately after partition , both the brother nations maneuvered to take occupation of the princely state of Jammu & Kashmir for its geo strategic  political and military location and rich natural resources. Since then Kashmir conflict has become a bone of contention  for both the nations and the entire world as a whole. India & Pakistan have been locked into a bitter rivalry for decades’ old Kashmir issue which has led to  eruptions  into several wars. The threat is at present potentially dangerous as the conflicts can any moment  take both the nations into nuclear wars with complete annihilation of  both the nations. But Indians and Pakistanis have forgotten that once they were the inhabitants  of one country with common culture , heritage ,  social bondage and religious tolerance.

Once upon a time , the following countries were  part  of  “Bharat”.(source –wikipedia)

  • Bhutan (17th December 1907)

  • Tibet (13th February 1913)

  • Afghanistan(19th August 1919)

  • Nepal (21st December 1923)

  • Pakistan (14th August 1947)

  • Republic of India (15th August 1947)

  • Myanmar (4th January 1948)

  • Srilanka (4th February 1948)

  • Bangladesh (26th March 1971)


How politically significant and socio-economically beneficial  it would have been had all  these countries were reunited as one country today.

Need  of  the  hour 

During the last 70 years of painful separation of both the Indians Pakistanis have experienced tremendous loss of national growth due to unwanted increase of defense budget, fear of unexpected terrorist attacks , heavy concern over national security , undue loss of innocent human lives , threat of sudden war situation possibly nuclear war , irreparable damage to the social , cultural , economic and brotherly relationship due to narrow outlook of the national Govt. of both the countries.

      It is unfortunate that when there are a number of bigger issues like poverty , starvation , unemployment , illiteracy and major health issues to be addressed , the Indians & Pakistanis are still caught up between communalism ,  regionalism ,  religious fanatism ,  intolerance hatred ,  instead of creating a suitable atmosphere of friendship ,

co-operation and mutual understanding for the growth and prosperity of the two Nations. It is a matter of great concern and misfortune that both the Indians Pakistanis have not yet learnt the art of living togetherwith an atmosphere of mutual understanding and

co-operation not thinking prospectively for the reunification of both the countries.

Indo-Pak Relationship     

Indians & Pakistanis are now geographically apart from each other but they are very close to each other in many aspects than any other countries in the world. They are emotionally very good friends to each other when they meet in foreign countries and they try to identify themselves in foreign soil as if they were from one country. That speaks volume about their emotional attachment .The internal feelings of people of both the countries are to live in peace, harmony and mutual brotherhood to avoid war situations.  Indo-Pak unity is the prerequisite  for Indo-Pak prosperity and growth. With much favourable factors regarding development of friendship and co-operation in the minds of Indians & Pakistanis , still there is a cloudy atmosphere of ill feeling and hatred created by group of people from both the sides with malafide intentionsPeace could be the only viable and permanent solution for the resolution of any conflict , how grave it may be.

There have been several instances where relationship had reached a dead end but beyond the control of mind there are hearts which are still filled with love and hope. The hidden love and hope for peace exists  in the mind of  every average Indian and Pakistani. They have the desire to cross the border and mix with the people on the other side of the border. The images of the past are still being evoked in their memory even after 70 years of separation , with all the political clashes and fluctuating relationships. Dilemmatically  People of both the countries have the same political , economic and social challenges to fight with. Then why to believe in the falsely created atmosphere of distance , hatred and  suspicion? That attitude have to be inculcated by the common people who are faceless in crowds and voiceless in chorus. They need to come and join hands together and express their feelings vocally for an unification.

The Indo-Pak conflicts have reached a never returning point due to the very challengingly   critical situations. At this situation , the only way to save these countries is to proceed on the way of reunification of India , Pakistan & Bangladesh who were once upon a time one country. There will be nothing strange if all these three countries return to their original form to march towards a brighter future.


Hindu-muslim & indo-pak good relationship: some examples

  • One brother Dr. Zakir Hussain served as President of India , where as the other brother Dr. Mehemud Hussain served as Education Minister of Pakistan.

  • Salman Khursid was the speech writer for Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi and his cousin Anwar Hussain was the speech writer of General Zia ul Haque , the President of Pakistan.

  • Manmohan Singh who was born in Pakistan with Urdu as his mother tongue , became Prime Minister of India.

  • Nawaz Sarif born in India , became Prime Minister of Pakistan.

  • General Musharaf who was born in India , became the Army Chief and President of Pakistan.

  • Mr Lalkrishna  Advani who was born in Lahore , became a great  popular political Leader in India.

Top Ranked Muslims  in Indian Defense Force and Social Service

  • Indris Hassan Latif served as 10th Chief Air Marshal of Indian Air Force from 1978-1981 . He also served as Governor of Maharashtra from 1982-85 and Indian Ambassador to France from 1985-88.

  • Abdul Hamid , the grenadier of Indian Army was awarded posthumously the highest military decoration “Param Veer Chakra” for his great  achievement during Indo-Pak war 1965 .

  • Great muslim leaders like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam , Dr. Zakir Hussain and Fakiruddin Ali Ahmed served as President of India . Md. Hidyatullah  served as Chief Justice of Supreme court of India.

Bharat Ratna Awards to Muslims

  • Zakir Hussain (1963)

  • Khan Abdul Gafar Khan (1987)

  • Maulona Abdul Kalam Azad (1992)

  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (1997)

  • Ustad Bismilla Khan (2001)

Indians in Pakistan Army

  • Ashok Kumar, the Hindu soldier in Pakistan Army died while fighting in waziristhan in 2013 . He was awarded “Tamagha-i-Sujat” award in 1995 by Pakistan Govt.

  • Air commoder Balwant Kumar Das , one Hindu Officer served in Pakistan Air Force.

  • Willium Satis Ch. Biswas, Senior Flying Officer served in Pak Air Force .

  • Dr. Danish and Capt. Dr. Anil Kumar, both Doctors and Hindu Officers served in Pak Army.

There are numerous bright examples of Hindu Muslim and Indo-Pak good relationships.


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