Major Gains after Reunification

    1. By reunification the 70 years old Kashmir conflicts and issues will be resolved. Kashmir region will be peaceful like other states. Peace and regional stability will be established in India ,Pakistan, Bangladesh & South Asia as a whole.

    2. United together Indo-Pak-Bangladesh will be a bigger market in the world for Trade, Tourism & Commerce.

    3. Indo-Pak-Bangladesh reunification will bring stability and peace in the united country. That will attract the world wide investors to invest in  various projects of the country. On this issue the people and the Govts. may  favour  reunification.

    4. India , Pakistan & Bangladesh if reunited and move forward honouring one another , the United Nation , will enter a golden era to become one of the super powers in the world .

    5. The large annual defence budgets of the three countries can be directed towards many constructive projects for nation building and development of science & technology.

    6. The terrorist activities will come to an end by the strong United Govt.. Thousands of lives of innocent civilians and defense personnel including women and children can be saved.

    7. The mad cat race for being superior military power by India & Pakistan  will come to an end.      

    8. Religious harmony will be achieved towards maintenance of rich cultural and peaceful atmosphere throughout Asian countries. The communalism which is a major issue in all the three countries will be minimized by reunification. Peace loving people may support it.

    9. India-Pakistan-Bangladesh reunited as a whole having most attractive places for tourism, will attract worldwide tourists.

    10. Reunited together Indo-Pak-Bangladesh will play a vital role in the field of Sports , Art , Cinema , Music, Literature , Science & Technology in the world.

    11. By reunification the economic condition of all the three countries will improve to a greater height with huge markets of the united country.

    12. Pakistan and Bangladesh students will have an access to the IIM , IIT& other top institutions of India in various fields.

    13. Bollywood will be strengthened by the Artists of all the three countries.

    14. Indo-Pak Cricket rivalry will come to an end and the new cricket team will be the strongest team in the world.

     All these factors may attract the people of India Pakistan and Bangladesh in favor of reunification.


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