Reunification: Not an illusion but a prospective reality

 The Reunification of India , Pakistan & Bangladesh is neither  an illusion nor a distant reality but a prospective reality. It may not be achieved soon , but a seed has to be implanted to make it a future fruit bearing tree. If a seed is not implanted today , a fruit bearing tree will not be feasible in prospective future. When we had struggled so many years to achieve independence , why can’t we  try sincerely and whole heartedly and to have patience for few more years to achieve reunification. We should be confident that a strong united secular and democratic nation will come into existence one day. Some positive  actions  need  to be  initiated soon towards Indo-Pak-Bangladesh reunification .Paradoxically  there exists the possibility of India & Pakistan being disintegrated into several small countries in future like Jammu & Kashmir , Baluchistan , Sind , Khalisthan  , Nagaland & Gorkhaland  etc.


When we cannot change our neighbours , we have to change ourselves to be good friends to them. We have to compromise according to the needs of time and situation. People to people contact will definitely strengthen the relationship for marching forward in the line of reunification of  Indo- Pak- Bangladesh.

War knows no Laws. Let’s stop war and stop use of nuclear weapons.

Wars have never solved any problem but love can solve it.

“ना जाने ये केसी लडाई है,

आज नहीं तो  कल एक होंगे हम “ 

With a broad mind, the Govts. of these three countries should think about the future of the people of these countries forgetting ego and selfish attitude. We must save these countries from devastation’s and irreparable damages out of future nuclear war. All the visible and praise worthy works of the Govts. will be invisible when nuclear weapons will fly in the sky. The post war survivors and the future generation will never excuse the Govts., if the Govts. close their eyes over these issues . No Govt. is permanent in this world. The Indo-Pak conflicts are in very  critical and challenging situation. At this moment the only way to save these countries and bring peace in the world , is to start working in the line of reunification of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. If we do not work seriously about it , the possibility of nuclear war will be inevitable.

Control of  terrorists may not be possible without the formation and support of world Government which is an absolute necessity at present. The terrorists are now capable of destroying the entire human population by using Bio-terrorism and Chemical terrorism which needs attention of the entire world today.



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